Thursday, May 26, 2011

Counter Top Toaster/Ovens

The second piece of equipment that usually has a broiler is the counter-top toaster/oven.  It is small and compact  for taking up minimum space on your kitchen counter.  They are electric and will need to have an outlet source.  Be sure that the outlet you use does not have other items pulling amps away from the toaster/oven.  It could cause you to blow a breaker in the electrical panel.  It is alright to have other equipment on the same breaker, just don't have all of them working at the same time.  It could cause a problem.

These toaster/ovens have various options for you to choose.  Typical options are for baking, toasting bread on both sides, toasting bagels on one side and broiling.  Some even have a convection mode.  That is where air is circulated by a fan in the oven to help food cook faster.
Counter-top Convection Toaster/Oven

I have a toaster/oven and love it.  It takes less time then the oven to heat up and start cooking because it is smaller.  That helps save on your energy bill each month.  You still need a larger oven for those times that you're making a big meal.  The toaster/oven is for doing small meals.

It works great for one or two people.  When my wife and I have some kind of Italian food for dinner, it is usually fixed on top of the stove.  However, we like garlic bread with the meal and don't want to heat up the big oven for just the bread.  That's where we will use the toaster/oven to broil our garlic bread.  As I said earlier, it is quicker and saves energy.  How can you lose?

A typical toaster/oven will range from $40 to $170.  I bought ours at my favorite place, Kohl's.  It is a Black & Decker stainless steel digital convection oven.  It sells for $89.99 but using some incentives from Kohl's, we got it for much less.  It gets used almost daily.

Tomorrow's blog will have the recipe for the garlic bread mentioned earlier in this blog.

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