Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cookbook Update

I guess things are starting to pick up as far as the cookbook and blog are concerned.  It was a week for local publicity on both the cookbook and blog.

I was interviewed by the local NPR radio station, KXCV.  It is located on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University.  They interviewed me about the upcoming cookbook and my blog site.  That interview aired several times on Thursday, May 19th.

I was also interviewed by the Nodaway News Leader, a weekly newspaper for the region.  They are doing a series on blogs and local bloggers.  I was one of the bloggers they featured in the series.  That article, I believe, should appear in the May 26th edition.

The 19th was a big day.  Besides the two items above, I heard from my layout editor.  He sent me the initial layout of the cookbook.  I reviewed the document and had several questions and concerns for my editor.  We talked by phone and discussed all the items on my list plus some additional ones.  All is set and I should have a final proof sometime in the first half of June.  I'm just waiting to see the back cover for the cookbook.  That should be any day.

Life is getting a little more exciting.  Tomorrow I'll touch on process of broiling food.

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