Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let's Start Getting Ready for the Super Bowl

The “Super Bowl” is February 5th this year.  That’s less than 2 weeks away.  If you haven’t start, you better get moving on planning what you are going to do on Super Bowl Sunday.

Whether you are hosting a party or going to someone’s, you need to be thinking about what foods you are going to provide.

This week and next I have 4 recipes for you to give a try.  This week they are dips or spreads.  Next weeks are more substantial using ground beef.

“Pimiento Cheese Spread” is tomorrow’s (Wednesday) recipe.  It suggests crackers and/or fresh vegetables but it’s great as a spread on sliders and other sandwiches too.

Then on Thursday, we have “Cannellini Bean Dip” for your party.  This too is suggested with crackers and/or fresh vegetables.  But it’s good tortilla chips as well.

Don’t forget that the “Recipe Tabs” above have lots of other great party recipes that will work for your Super Bowl event.  So be sure to check them out as you are planning your food.

“Happy Cooking” until next week when I’ll have a couple more party recipes for you to taste.  Thanks and please spread my link to others.  Enjoy!

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