Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Couple of Gluten-Free Chicken Entrees to Try

It’s my “Gluten-Free” week on the blog and I have a couple of chicken entrees to try.  I believe that everyone, GF people and non gf people, will enjoy both recipes.  On the one, just use regular pasta instead of the gluten-free.

There’s something I’d like to point out or remind those needing to be gluten-free when following a recipe.  You need to be “diligent about checking labels.”  That includes re-checking ones you always use.

Companies change packaging, labels and “ingredients” periodically.  We just caught one with fresh almonds.  They are now processed on equipment that handle products with wheat.

This is one of the hardest parts of needing to be gluten-free.  You constantly have to be on your toes checking and re-checking everything in your life.

The recipes I put on this blog that say they are “GF” assumes you are confirming the ingredients you use meet that criteria.  The last thing I want is for someone, who can be hurt by gluten, to be exposed to it.

So be careful!

Wednesday’s recipe is “Creamy Garlic Tuscan Chicken” that is served over GF pasta.  “Sweet Hawaiian Chicken” comes to you on Thursday.  It’s served over rice.  If you like, try serving them both over mashed potatoes for something different.

Hope these will help give you a little more variety in your menu planning.  “Happy Cooking” until next week and please help spread the link to others.  Thank you.

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