Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Falll Soups to Try

First off, it’s “Thanksgiving” week and I want to wish everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving” and hope you enjoy the long holiday weekend.  Eating, shopping and football; who could want more?

Because of the week it is, I will be short.

We are coming into colder weather and “Soup” always sounds like a great way to warm up.  So I have couple of soups that should do the trick.

Squash is always big in the fall and butternut is one of the most popular these days.  So give “Butternut Squash and Corn Soup” a try with the recipe coming on Wednesday.

Thursday, offers “Loaded Potato Soup” for your palate.  It’s kind of like a loaded baked potato but in liquid form.

Some quick Thanksgiving tips.  Don’t overeat, enjoy the family and friends, have fun with the leftovers and get a nap in because it’s important to your peace of mind over the holidays.

“Happy Cooking” until next week and be sure to share my link with others.  Thanks.

PS:  Just want you all to know that I am very “Thankful” for you following my food blog and truly hope it has helped you or someone you know.

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