Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Tastee

The Tastee
(8-12 servings)


2½ lb. Ground Chuck
2½ tsp. (heaping) Yellow Mustard
2 tsp. (heaping) Cream Style Horseradish
2 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
2 tsp. Salt
¼ tsp. Black Pepper
¼ cup Ketchup
¼ cup Warm Water
¼ cup Dry Onion Flakes
8-12 Hamburger Buns


In a large skillet, place the ground chuck.  In a small bowl, combine the ingredients starting with the mustard through the warm water.  Now combine this mixture with the ground chuck and turn heat on to medium.  Cook, braking up the ground chuck, until all the pink is gone (about 20-30 minutes).  Mix in the onion flakes, lower heat to a simmer and continue cooking (about 25-30 minutes).  During all of this process, be sure to stir often.  When done, serve with hamburger buns, pickles and your other favorite condiments.

Note:               You can always add cheese to this sandwich too.

Note:               Try it on your hot dog with fresh chopped onion, mustard and a little celery salt.

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