Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Loose Meat, Sloppy Joe, Maid-Rite, Tavern or Anything Else You Call Them, Give These Recipes a Try

As the title above states, there are all kinds of names for ground beef cooked, broken up and seasoned.  I have one recipe in my cookbook (More Than Your First Cookbook) for one called a “Tavern” which originates in Sioux City, Iowa.  Then there are two recipes already on this blog.  One is called “Copycat Maid-Rite” and the other is “Iowa Loose Meats” and both of these come from the state of Iowa.

Now I’m not saying that all such sandwiches come from Iowa.  I’m sure every state has their own version of this type of sandwich.  I’m from the Midwest and know of these and several more of this style.  In fact, I’m offer two more recipes this week.

Each of this style of sandwich recipe has a different combination of ingredients and seasoning.  So they each give you a little different taste profile.  That’s half the fun with what I’ll refer to as a “Loose Meat” sandwich.

You can add different items to the meat and get different results.  I know of one that adds chicken gumbo soup from a can to the cooked ground beef.  They use to serve it at our Boy Scout functions.

This week I have “The Tastee” on Wednesday and “The Loose Goose” on Thursday for you.

My suggestion for you is to try these two new recipes, the other ones on this blog and the one from my cookbook.  See which one you prefer the most and put it in your cooking cycle.  Or try a different one you find from another source.

The point is these make great, easy and inexpensive options for you and your family or friends.  So, “Happy Cooking” until next week and please help spread my link for tasty recipes and kitchen help.  Thanks.

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