Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Loose Goose

The Loose Goose
(8-12 servings)


3 lb. Ground Beef (90/10 or 85/15)
1 medium Yellow Onion, finely diced
3 tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1 tbsp. Cocoa
1 tbsp. Garlic Powder
1 tsp. Cumin
1 large Bay Leaf
2 cans Beef Broth
1 dash (or more) Hot Sauce
to taste Salt and Black Pepper
8-12 Hamburger Buns


In a large skillet, sauté the beef and onions over medium heat.  Stir and break up meat often during the process.  When the meat is done, add next ingredients through the bay leaf.  Turn down the heat to a simmer.  Continue cooking a few minutes and then add the broth and hot sauce.  Combine well and continue cooking about 3 hours.  Be sure to continue to stir often.  When done, serve on hamburger buns using a slotted spoon (so they are not too wet on the bun).  Serve with your favorite condiments.

Note:               You could transfer to a slow cooker after you have combined the broth and hot sauce.  Cook on low for 4 to 6 hours. 

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