Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Try Potato Rolls for the Holidays

The Fall/Winter Holidays are coming up soon.  Something everyone serves with their holiday meals are rolls.  Whether you make them or buy them from your favorite bakery, they definitely help make the meal.  Not to mention great sandwiches with the leftovers.

This week I have a couple of recipes for dinner rolls.  These are a little different in that they are "Potato Rolls."  Yes, they require the use of some potato in the recipe.  One of the recipes makes a dozen and a half while the other makes 3 dozen rolls.  You can easily double the first recipe or half the second if you need different quantities.

The first one of Wednesday is "Garlic Potato Rolls" and uses roasted garlic in them.  You can roast the garlic a day or two before making the rolls.  Just seal up well and refrigerate.  Be sure to take the roasted garlic out and bring to room temperature before using in the recipe.

"Icebox Potato Rolls" will be the recipe on Thursday.  As the name implies, the dough is refrigerated overnight before forming into rolls and baking.  You get two different tastes from these recipes but both come through with the added potato flavor.  It's a taste I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

You can make these rolls a week or two ahead of time and then freeze.  Take them out of the freezer the night before or morning of your big meal depending on time of service.  You can serve them at room temperature or wrap them up in foil and heat up a bit so they are nice and warm at dinner time.

If these recipes don't interest you, maybe give some other recipe for dinner rolls a try.  It really adds a nice touch to any "Holiday Meal" you might serve.

I want to thank everyone that has been following my food blog.  This Thursday's recipe of "Icebox Potato Rolls" will be my "800th Post" on "Cabana Boy Cooks."  I wouldn't have been able to keep this up without your following and encouraging me on.  I truly hope that all of you have gotten something special out of my blog.  Again, "Thank You" all for your support.  Your comments and questions help me greatly too.

"Happy Cooking" and do try these recipes.  Please share them too.  I thank you for that and see you again next week.

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