Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes

I have a couple of "Gluten-Free" breakfast recipes for you this week.  "Breakfast Muffin Cups (GF)" is the recipe for Wednesday and "Huevos Rancheros (GF)" on Thursday.  Thought you might like a little variety in your breakfast choices.  Do remember that these recipes can be made and eaten for lunch or dinner too.

Just want to remind everyone that in making gluten-free recipes, you still need to watch brands and labels on packaged items used in these recipes.  It will surprise you that many labels you read don't mention gluten in the product.  If you are not sure on product, call the company.  There is usually a phone number or e-mail address on the package somewhere.

Also, not all brands of a product you find gluten-free will be too.  I suggest you stick to brands you know are gluten-free and don't substitute another brand unless you're sure.  A couple of examples in these recipes this week include the hash browns, sausage and cheese.

"Happy Cooking" and enjoy these recipes.  Please let others know of my food blog link.  Remember that I do "Gluten-Free" post every 4 weeks.  My next gluten-free posts will include recipes for a "Honey Oat Bread (GF)" and "Homemade Mac & Cheese (GF)" for you to try.

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