Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Old Comfort Entrees for the Fall

As the weather starts to cool down for the fall season of the year, we tend to eat a little heartier.  The majority of what we call or think of as "Comfort Food" is consumed during the fall and winter seasons.  They tend to be dishes that are done in the oven, slowly on the stovetop or now a days in slow cookers.  They were cooked in pressure cookers too when I was young.  Today the pressure cooker has become popular again and more versatile.

I remember growing up eating the two recipes I'm posting this week.  Although the ones this week are a little different then the those my mother made us for dinner.  The two I picked for this week are "Swiss Steak" and "Salisbury Steak" and you'd have trouble finding them on menus today.

The first uses a tougher cut of meat that needs to be tenderized a little before cooking.  You can buy them that way or do it yourself.  It is started on the stovetop but finished in the oven and is falling apart by the time it reaches the table.

The second one uses ground beef and are made into patties similar to hamburger patties but are formed into oval shapes.  They are browned first and then cooked and served in a sauce.  The sauce usually comes as a mushroom sauce but can be made without the mushrooms.

I have a good number of these comfort food recipes on my food blog already.  Just go to the recipe tabs above and check them out.

There are also about a dozen "Comfort Food" recipes in my cookbook "More than Your First Cookbook" to try.  Stroganoff, goulash, beef burgundy, meatloaf, lasagna and mac & cheese are just a few of them.  There are locations listed above where you can buy my cookbook if you live in those towns.  But it is also available through a tab above to order online.  Remember online you can get the cookbook in "Print" or "As a Download" for your devices.

Be sure to check that out and don't forget they make great "Gifts" too.  So until next week, "Happy Cooking" and please share my food blog link with others.  Thank you.

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