Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Need to Start Thinking about Football/Tailgate Season

Hard to believe but "Pro Football Camps" are getting started and college ball isn't far behind.  That's one the great things about "Fall."  Football and "Tailgating" season get us started on the best time of the year.

I've covered a lot of the tailgating areas over the past 4 seasons in my blog here.  I thought for season 5, I should address snacks and sweets.

You've maybe already filled up on burgers, brats and dogs.  Or one of many other culinary delights on your tailgating menu.  Not it's time to sit back and relax before kickoff.  You still need something to nibble on.  That's were sweets or desserts come in to play.

Remember the sky is the limit here.  You can make or bring any dessert your heart desires.  Many will require plates and utensils.  But some of the best just need your hand.

Cookies and bars are great for finishing off that pre-game meal.  On Wednesday post I have "Easy Mix Bars" for you to try.  There also several other recipes that would work well for you under the "Desserts & Baking" tap up above.  Be sure to check them out too.

On Thursday, my recipe for you a great snacking item.  "Maple Bacon Peanuts" go great before the main food is ready or after the dust has settled but before kickoff.  It goes well with many an adult beverage too.

Remember again that there are a few more recipes like this under the "Odds 'n Ends" tab above.  In fact, it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to go back and check out the previous tailgating posts and recipes under the "Sandwich" and "Entrée" tabs.

Just a little reminder but to have a great tailgate event, it takes planning and execution.  So stop procrastinating and get ready for a championship year for your team.  "Happy Cooking" and get out there and party!

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