Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to Enjoy Lobster!

I took a little road trip in June to the state of Maine looking for my first "Maine Lobster Roll" and recommend you give it a try too.  We explored the coast from Kittery to Kennebunkport, Maine eating fresh lobster, seafood and fish.  Never had a bad meal of Maine dishes and thoroughly enjoyed the ocean.

We ate lobster rolls, whole live lobster, lobster bisque, clams, oysters and haddock.  A few of the restaurants to try include Capt'n Hooks in Wells, MN, Jake's Seafood in Moody, MN and Fox's Lobster House at Nubble Lighthouse.  Most of the restaurants we checked out had both indoor and outdoor seating.  They all offered only local fresh fish and seafood.  One place offered an authentic "New England Lobster Bake" with all the trimmings.

In York, MN, we spent half a day at the "Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School" which offered daily cooking classes and you get to eat the meal  at the end of class.  You could also watch their production of Stonewall products from various viewing areas and shop at their store.  There was a restaurant too.

For those of you who will try whole lobster sometime, I have the following etiquette on how to approach it.  Start your experience by twisting off the claws.  Then crack the claw with a nutcracker, remove meat and eat.  Being sure to dip the meal in hot melted butter before eating it.  After the claws are done, move the tail.  You remove the tail by grasping the tail in one hand and the body in the other.  Then arching the back until it cracks, pull the tail away from the body.  Now bend back the flippers and break them off the tail.  Insert a lobster fork where the flippers were and push the tail meat out.  Cut into bite size pieces, dip in butter and eat.  Unhinge the back (Tomale-a delicacy to many lobster eaters) and eat it or pass on it, your choice.  It turns green when boiled.  Open the body by cracking it sideways and pick out any meat here.  The meat is good in this section too.  Lastly, remove the small claws and suck the meat out one at a time.  To be good at this one needs to practice.  What an excuse to eat more lobster.

This week's recipes include a "Maine Lobster Roll" on Wednesday and "Grilled Lobster" in Thursday.  I know these a not everyday menu items for you to cook but find that special occasion and give them a try.  "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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