Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Traditional Holiday Drinks

Christmas Office Party with Blog Assistant
Just wanted to show everyone a photo from our office "Holiday" party.  As you can see, my stocking is full.  My blog assistant is having a great time in the stocking too.  I hope your blessings are as great as mine during this beautiful season of the year.

Holiday season in December and the starting of a new year bring on a desire for that perfect beverage.  There are many great drinks or punches for this time of year.  The winter weather (northern hemisphere) helps in narrowing that drink down too.

This week I have two staples to try this season.  The first is for a classic "Eggnog" drink.  The recipe tomorrow has alcohol in it but it is as satisfying a drink even without it.  The recipe does make the eggnog from scratch.  But there is nothing wrong with using a store purchased container from the dairy isle.

Brandy and bourbon are the two alcoholic beverages used in the recipe.  But each to their own as rum and Irish cream work well too.  Do a little experimenting to see what combination (or single item) treats your taste buds best.  Just be sure not to be driving anywhere after the experimenting.

Thursday's recipe is for a traditional "Tom & Jerry" which is a warm beverage.  I believe it originated in the Midwest (USA).  If not, it became a very popular drink in the Midwest.  This drink combines Cognac and rum to give it a kick.

I've chosen to make both of these recipes as a large mixture instead of as an individual drink.  They could be made as individual drinks but that just pulls someone away from the party to be constantly working the bar.  It makes for a better party to let guests pour their own from pitchers or warm dispensers.

Thursday is Christmas (a holiday I celebrate) and my wish to everyone checking out my food blog is a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" to all.  I am grateful for your support and will continue to try and provide helpful information and great tasting recipes for you to try.

As I will be doing some celebrating this coming week, there will be no blog posts next week.  My posts will start again on January 6, 2015.  Until then, "Happy Cooking" and please help spread my food blog to others.


  1. Traditional drinks are really awesome and should be there for the events. Good to know about your classic beverages. Planning a party at one of local Seattle venues. Will have some great drinks for the day and everyone will love to have them.

  2. Thank you and enjoy. Let me know how it turns out.