Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More Holiday Treats

Everyone loves tasting a variety of holiday sweet treats.  Family members, friends and co-workers all like to share what they have made for the season too.  Seems everyone has their own specialty to make and share.  The amazing thing about it is all the different types of treats and rarely a bad one.

Now anyone has their favorite types of holiday treats.  Some go for the cookies and some the seasonal candies.  And within each category you have your number one picks.  In cookies, my children use to beg for Chocolate Krinkles (V)  when they were young.  Now it has to be My Favorite Thumb Print Cookie (V) cookies as they have aged.  As you can see both are recipes already in my food blog.

For those looking to try something new or different, I have over another half dozen recipes of cookies, bars or candy under the "Desserts & Baking Recipes" tab on the blog.  So give them a try or maybe go for one of this week's recipes.

For this season I have 3 recipes to offer.  On Wednesday I have a simple recipe for "Oreo Balls" which are addictive.  It's probably the same or similar recipe you can find everywhere.  But think about making them your own by using an Oreo cookie that is different from the original one.  They have so many flavors of Oreos out now.  I'll be honest, it does take a little practice getting a beautiful finished product.  The dipping and getting excess coating off is trial and error.  The upside is someone still gets to eat the rejects.  The taste is there even if they don't look the best.

Thursday has my favorite recipe for cut-out cookies, "Sugar Cookie for Cut-outs."  It's an easy dough to make and if you don't want to make cut-outs, it works to just scoop and place on the cookie sheet too.  It's the flavor that makes them my favorite sugar cookie.

Of course you can't have a cut-out cookie and not have a frosting.  So on Friday there is a recipe for "Royal Icing" and it makes a hard shell icing.  This one doesn't work well if you want to add sprinkles and other things on top of the frosting.  But it makes for an excellent topping to a sugar cookie.

The season is closing in fast, so you better get started making a few holiday treats for you and others.  "Happy Cooking" until next week and please share my blog site with family and friends.

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