Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Three Years for Cookbook

This food blog, "Cabana Boy Cooks," that I write weekly (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) really began with the idea of writing a cookbook for new and inexperienced cooks.  I wrote the cookbook and then during the process with the publisher, I started the food blog.

The cookbook, "More Than Your First Cookbook," was released three years ago this week.  That was a major event for me because I wanted (and still do) to help people that were unsure of themselves in the kitchen.  One of the pieces to this effort of mine was that with each new year, came new individuals needing that help.  Every year a new class of graduates move out into the world on their own.

That made the cookbook viable for years to come in helping people with the foundation for fun and skill in the kitchen.  The 125 recipes in the cookbook gave a good basis to get started cooking.  Then the food blog became an extension of the cookbook with now close to 300 recipes on it.  The blog also offers more instruction and knowledge on cooking.

I want to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to all of you that have purchased my cookbook.  Many of you bought it for yourselves.  But as many offered it as a gift to someone special to you.  My hope is that all of you that have the cookbook are enjoying and using it with some regularity.  Also that it has helped you in one or more areas of your cooking expertise.

Those of you that follow my food blog, even if irregularly.  I would like to offer you a big "Thanks" too.  If you like what you see on the food blog, please share the link with others.  I'm still committed to helping people by offering cooking information and recipes that I find interesting and tasty.

As the holiday season is approaching, I'd like to remind everyone that the cookbook makes a very good gift for someone needing a little help in the kitchen.  The cookbook is available in the following locations.

Maryville, Missouri - at the Nodaway News Leader offices (I write a column for that paper).

St. Joseph, Missouri - Hastings Bookstore.

Sioux City, Iowa - Pickerman's (soon to have 2 locations).

Rochester, Minnesota - People's Food Co-op.

If you know me, I always have some cookbooks with me (and will sign them).

The cookbook is also available on-line at my website (www.barrybeacom.tateauthor.com), Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  At all three of the on-line locations, the cookbook is available as a download as well as in book form.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week I have a burger and salad recipe.  The burger recipe is "Bacon Beef Burger" and combines raw ground bacon with ground beef.  The salad is called "Argentinian Salad" and uses "Hearts of Palm" and well worth trying.

"Thank You" again for your support and encouragement.  "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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