Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Soup Time Again

The weather has been cooling down now for a few weeks.  I don't know about you, but that cool weather makes me desire hot and hearty soups.  I like soup all year-round but there is something about having soup on a cold day and how it makes you feel so much better.

I've got about a dozen soup recipes on this blog already and another dozen in my cookbook.  One of the nice things about making soup.  They're not that hard to make.  Yes, some take a little more time than others because of the prep work involved.  But many soup recipes are very compatible to the "Slow-Cooker" or "Crock-Pot."  So don't be afraid to give it a try.  Master your favorite soup and you always have a signature dish to fall  back on with guests or family.

Don't forget to try your own variations to a recipe.  That helps in making it that signature dish for you to be known for at mealtime.

This week I start with a recipe for "Cilantro Chicken with Pasta" tomorrow.  This dish is very close to a chicken noodle soup recipe in the cookbook.  But I  love cilantro and so I added a bunch to the soup.  Depending on how much (or little) you like cilantro, the amount can be adjusted up or down.  I'd recommend adding a little garnish of cilantro to the bowls just before serving.

A while back I did a blog week on using rotisserie chicken (leftover) in dishes.  This recipes works very well for that leftover rotisserie chicken.

The second soup this week is one that might scare you when you hear it.  It's "Sauerkraut Soup" and it is very tasty.  My first experience with it was on our honeymoon in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  There is a German restaurant there (mentioned in the Oktoberfest blog last month) that serves it.  I have to say I was blown away by it.  So please give it a try.  This recipe for the "Sauerkraut Soup" comes from Germany.  So any of my German followers, please let me know if it compares to what you have in your country.

My wife had me buy a sled for this year's snow.  She wants to take our granddaughter sledding this winter.  When we bought it, we both said it probably won't snow now because we're ready.  Haven't seen any yet and I'm not complaining.  Won't bother me if it is not able to be used this year. Although I believe my wife and granddaughter will be disappointed.

Well, have a great time trying the soup recipes and "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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