Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This Week Ends Year 2 of my Cabana Boy Blog

It's hard to believe that this week ends my second year of the "Cabana Boy" food blog.  I guess time flies when you're having fun because it doesn't feel like 2 years.  I have truly enjoyed bringing this food blog to all my readers.  My  hope, of course, is that it has helped you get into the kitchen and have some fun.

My goal has been to help new and inexperienced cooks.  I know from feedback that I have done that plus helped some experienced cooks too.  That gives me a special joy and I "THANK YOU" for giving me that feeling.  My blog assistant echos the same sentiments and will be even more active in the blog this coming year.
Enjoying the end of March

Cooking is like therapy for me.  I relax from any stress when I'm in the kitchen.  I know that is not true for many cooks, especially the new and inexperienced ones.  You're afraid that you will make a mistake.  Well let me tell you, you will make mistakes.  However, even the experienced cooks/chefs make mistakes too.

What you want to do is have fun try new and different recipes/ideas.  It's the fun of creating and having success that will keep you going.  So as with life, if you make a mistake - learn and grow from it so that you improve yourself.  One of the best lessons I've learned in my life is to not be afraid to try something just because you might fail.  Do it so that you can grow in your abilities and personality.

During these two years I have shared some helpful information but also nearly 200 recipes.  Those recipes have been a combination of my own, some of yours, some of famous chefs and some that are my tweak on a recipe.  As I look at the breakdown of the different areas of those recipes, I see that we're a little short in some areas.  My two lowest headings are "Breakfast" and "Drinks" with just 5 and 4 respectfully,  "Soups", "Salads" and "Sandwiches" are only in the teens.  So in the coming year, I'll work to get those recipe numbers up.  I won't forget the other recipe headings as I do this but I want to get the recipe numbers more rounded for you.

So the two recipes this week will work on that need.  The first is for a soup.  It is a soup that is served cold and is good timing for the coming berry season, "Berry Soup (Cold)."  The second is for a breakfast and is "Lemon Ricotta Pancakes."  Enjoy!

I also need input from you.  If there is a recipe that you are looking for or want to improve, please let me know.  I'm here to help you and whatever your needs are in the kitchen.

That also goes for any topic that you would like me to cover.  This brings me to some topics I will be covering in the coming year.  I've a few more installments on the "Italian Cooking" segment.  Once I finish it the next will be on "Mexican Cooking" and then "Oriental Cooking" (not just Chinese).  Please give me some more suggestions.  Thanks.

With the start of my 3rd year, I will be working on a "Face-lift" for the blog during the month of April.  Again, any suggestions from you would help.

Thank you again for supporting me and my "Cabana Boy" food blog.  May year three be even better.  "Happy Cooking"

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