Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Part Eight of Italian (Baking Bread) Cooking

I believe most people think of pizza dough and bread sticks when they first give a thought to Italian baking.  But there is so much more baking that they do.  The Italians are famous for all types of breads.  They are equally known for incredible desserts and pasties.  This week we will just look at some breads.  In a future week we will look into desserts and pastries.

Bread baking goes all the way back to the Roman Empire.  Bread has always been a staple in everyone's diet.  It was a strong part of the Roman Legions too.  The breads (desserts & pastries too) are different by region just as are other foods we eat of Italian origin.  I'm not going into a history lesson here but just wanted to remind everyone of those facts.

Re-cycling the newspapers
This week I have 3 recipes for you.  The first is a loaf of "Olive & Oregano Bread."  This is followed by a recipe for 4 loaves of "Sun-Dried Tomato Bread."  As I mentioned in the first paragraph, everyone thinks of bread sticks.  So the third recipe this week is for a batch of about 30 "Italian Bread Sticks."  I hope you try all of these recipes and let me know how you did with them.

I'm keeping it short today as I'm starting to work on some face-lift changes for the blog.  I hope to have many of them in place before next week's blog comes out.

I'll leave you today with a photo of my blog assistant helping me re-cycle the newspapers in my nearly hundred year old crock.  "Happy Cooking!"

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