Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Granddaughter is Beautiful

On May 26, my wife and I became grandparents for  the first time.  Our grandchild is a gorgeous baby girl.  Her name is Eleanor Ruth after her two living great-grandmothers.  She will be called "Nora" and again grandpa is giddy over how beautiful and perfectly formed she comes into the world.  Looking at her (and all newborns) just confirms that there must be a god.  She is an amazing creation.

Reminding everyone that my wife and I are moving over the next few weeks.  Because of that I will not be doing the blog four (4) days a week until the first week of July.  I will put a new recipe out on Thursday this week.  Next week I'll have two (2) recipes for "Father's Day" which is coming up June 17.

Have a great week and check out the photo of "Nora" below.  She is in a green environmentally friendly outfit with wind turbines and recycling emblems on it.

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