Wednesday, June 27, 2012

4th of July Coming Up Next Week

Our great holiday (4th of July) is coming next week.  Unfortunately it is on a Wednesday but that won't stop the grilling and celebrations.  Fireworks and cookouts are par for the day.  So think of what you would like to cook and go for it.

I have a couple of recipes this week that might help you to decide your menu.  The first brings back memories of the first time I had "Grilled Sweet Corn" still in the husks.  My family was invited to a function called "The Corn & Sausage Roast" and it was well worth it.  It was all the corn on the cob, polish sausage and beverage you could eat and drink.  They cooked both the corn and sausage on charcoal grills that were about 18 inches wide and 12 feet long.  The organization had 3 of these grills that were brick and mortar side by side.  What a dream to have just one of them in your backyard.

The corn was soaked overnight in salt water still in the husk.  They would fill 2 of the grills with the corn and 4 guys watched over the corn as it cooked.  When finished they filled big pans and took them to a table.  The crew at the table wore oven mitts and would chop off each end of the cob and strip the husks and silks with their hands in these mutts.  They would then drop the cleaned cobs of corn into a vat of melted butter and place on the buffet line.  It was simple but I'll never forget that experience.

Everyone has memories of events and/or meals that bring them back to a feel good moment.  Remember some of yours and why not try to create some more for you and your family and friends.  Happy Cooking!

The recipe for this "Grilled Sweet Corn" is on Thursday's blog.

For Friday's blog the recipe is for "Grilled BBQ Chicken" and it is easy too.  I do it as half a chicken but you can do it as quarters or even individual pieces.  It uses my brine for turkeys and chickens which is on the recipe page of the blog.  Here is the quick link to it.  Brine for Whole Turkeys (Chickens)

Enjoy both recipes and have a GREAT 4th of July celebration!

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