Friday, November 4, 2011

PA AMB TOMAQUET (bread with tomato)

(Bread with Tomato)
(4 slices)


4 slices Shepherd’s Bread (see note)
2 Large Ripe Tomatoes
2 cloves Fresh Garlic, peeled
as needed Good Olive Oil (EVOO)
as needed Sea Salt


Toast the bread slices, as you want the bread to be stiff and rough.  Take a clove of garlic and rub it forcefully on the bread (half a clove per slice).  The bread will act as a grater or cheese shredder to the garlic.  The same holds true for the tomato.  Next slice the tomato in half across the equator, leaving a north and south half of the tomato.  Now take a tomato half and forcefully rub the cut side all over the bread until it is basically dissolved into the bread.  It should look like tomato paste or puree.  Repeat the process with each slice of bread.  When all the bread is done with the garlic and tomato, drizzle with a little olive oil on each slice.  Sprinkle the bread with a little salt and serve.

Note:               You need strong sturdy bread for this recipe.  Any good artisan’s
                           bread should work.

Note:               This works well with either red or yellow tomatoes.  Use both
                           colors of tomato if multiplying the recipe for a larger group.

Note:               This is an example of typical tapas recipe from Spain.  The word
                           Tapas is used to describe a cuisine of appetizers and snacks in
                           Spain that may be served cold or warm.  It is typical bar food
                           found in Spain and has spread to other countries.  In Central
                           American countries these appetizers and snacks are referred to
                           as Bocas.

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