Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting into the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is over and the end of the year holidays are closing in on everyone.  Gift buying & wrapping, holiday parties and making holiday treats as well as planning the holiday meals will all make December a very busy month.  It is best to take a moment and make lists, mark calendars and start the planning before it becomes overwhelming to you.  Don't get so busy that you forget the meaning of the season or not enjoy all that makes this a truly wonderful time of the year.

I'm starting today with the cookie making as our four children are spread out and care packages will need to be sent early.  On Friday, I will have one of my favorite holiday cookies for the recipe.  I hope you will enjoy them.

Slow-cooker Buffet
In getting ready for the season, there are a few items that I thought should be brought to your attention.  As I'm looking at ads, catalogs and shopping the hot item this season is slow-cooker buffets.  I've seen them from 2 to 5 crocks and in various sizes.  I'm sure you can find the one that is just right for your needs at one of my favorite shopping places, Kohl'sFood Network or QVC.  I believe I have a couple of photos of them.

Electric Roaster
The other item you should look at is an Electric Roaster.  If you don't have one, you need to get one.  It freed up my oven for all the other dishes as the turkey cooked to perfection in it.  They are not only great for the holidays that we have in November and December but for those big family get-together events in the summer.  Look in to one and see if it might not be a good idea for your family.

Since we didn't do the WeightWatcher points the last couple of weeks, I'm putting the last two in this week.  Wednesday will be for the points in the Baking & Desserts chapter.  Then on Thursday, we will finish it up with the Odds & Ends chapter of the cookbook.  Thank you for being patient with me as we got them all out to you.

Barry Rd. Hy-Vee in KC
I now have cookbooks at the Hy-Vee just off of Barry Road in Kansas City, Missouri.  Here is a photo of them in their book area.  If you are near there, please check them out.  Thanks.

I wish all of you a "Happy, Holy and Merry Holiday Season" and a great year to come.

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