Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WeightWatcher Points - Breakfast

Below are the estimated WeightWatcher points per serving for each recipe in the Breakfast chapter of the cookbook, More Than Your First Cookbook.  I used their PointsPlus calculator to figure the points per serving.

Remember that the nutritional information may vary because of the brands you used.  If you change the portion size, it will change the points per serving.  Make sure you make that adjustment.

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy - 12 pts. per serving
Boiled Eggs - 2 pts. per serving
Breakfast Casserole - 15 pts. per serving
Breakfast Soft Tacos - 6 pts. per serving
Cheese Omelet - 9 pts. per serving
Double Cinnamon Baked French Toast - 7 pts. per serving
Eggs Benedict - 6 pts. per serving
French Toast - 3 pts. per serving
Fried Eggs - 2 pts. per serving
German Puffy Pancakes - 12 pts. per serving
Ham and Scrambled Eggs - 7 pts. per serving
John's Pancakes from Scratch - 9 pts. per serving
Matt's Ham Strata - 13 pts. per serving
Poached Eggs - 2 pts. per serving
Quiche Lorraine - 13 pts. per serving
Scrambled Eggs Deluxe - 7 pts. per serving

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