Tuesday, October 4, 2011


October is finally here and three weeks from today is the official release of my cookbook More Than Your First Cookbook.  It seems like forever since I was told the release date.  But everything has been working towards the 25th of October.

My website is now done.  It is up and running at barrybeacom.tateauthor.com so please check it out.  The website consists of five pages; Home, About the Author, About the Cookbook, Nutritional Information and Events.  The two pages I'm most excited about are the Nutritional Information and Events.

The Nutritional Information page has the breakdown on each recipe in the cookbook.  The page is actually set up by the recipe chapters in the cookbook.  So if you click on the Breakfast chapter, all the breakfast recipe nutritional information comes up.  Now information is in a format that should be familiar to everyone.  The format is the same as you would find on any item you buy at the grocery store.  Some will look healthy and some will not.  All you need to do on those that are not so healthy is serve a smaller portion.  Remember that all my dietitians over the years say it is alright to eat or try everything but to do it in moderation.  I know that I will have to go through all of the recipes for my wife and convert to WeightWatcher points.

The Events page will list all the events that I will be involved in for the cookbook.  There is nothing listed as of today but I will be learning how to go in and add/delete events this week.  I hope to have some listed by the beginning of next week.  So be sure to set the website as a favorite on your computer and check out the upcoming events.

Because I'm figuring the points for my wife, I will be putting them on the blog each week on Wednesday a chapter at a time.  This week I'm also talking about oven thermometers and the recipe will be for a Whole Roasted Chicken.

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