Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This week's Update

We had a little scare this past week.  I had mailed back the "final proof" on Tuesday, the 29th of June.  My wife and I went out of town for about a week working on things for the blog and the cookbook.  When we returned home, I noticed that I had not received any confirmation from my publisher that they had received the "Final proof."

I e-mailed my layout editor and asked how things were going on the edits.  He responded with the fact that he hadn't seen the "final proof" yet.  I told him that the post office had a signature from the publisher with Wednesday, the 30th of June.

He inquired and found the "final Proof" and confirmed back to me.  I was then able to breathe again.

The errors that I found are being addressed and the cookbook should be heading to printing in the next week or two.

The marketing team has not contacted me yet because of the missing cookbook.  However, I should be hearing from them sometime this week.

I think the publisher was just checking to see if my heart was working.  I don't need any more scares.

This week I will talk about some kitchen equipment that could make life a little easier for you.  Tomorrow will be on food processors and the next day on mixers (both stand and hand).  Friday's recipe is in keeping with the season.  It calls for fresh sweet corn and has a little kick too.

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