Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mac and Cheese that's a Little Different

Continuing with “Comfort Foods” this week, this is probably the most common one of all.  I think everyone loves “Mac and Cheese” in some form or style.  I mean it was the go to food for most children as they grow up.  It was quick and inexpensive.  Mother’s loved it whether it was homemade or out of the box.

I know my children argued over which Kraft Macaroni and Cheese they liked best.  Two went for the original and one for the spiral package.  They insisted that the cheese sauce was different between the two.  I’m not sure but it probably was, at least for their taste.

So this week I have a couple of interesting recipes.  “Sweet and Salty Mac ‘n’ Cheese” is Wednesday recipe and it has honey and bacon in it for the sweet and salty.  Then Thursday for those who love Crab, it is “Mac ’n’ Cheese with Crab” to give a chance.

Next week I have some different breakfast dishes for those needing Gluten-Free recipes.  Gluten consumers will love them too.  Until then, “Happy Cooking” and please share this with others and give me some feedback as well.  Thanks.

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