Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gluten-Free Unusaul Breakfast Dishes

This week features “Gluten-Free” recipes which I try to do every 4 weeks.  Breakfast recipes is the subject this time.  But not just your usual breakfast items.  On top of that, I believe all gluten eating folk out there will like them too.

Part of the excitement about these recipes is that you can change them up and never get bored.  There is a base concept here but you can create a wide variety of different tastes in the finished product.  So use your imagination and impress family and friends.

Also, as I have always advocated, you can make these recipes for lunch and dinner too.  Even a late night snack.

So we start off on Wednesday with “Hash Brown Pizza (GF)” and they are individual sized.  Then on Thursday comes “Breakfast Nachos (GF)” and although the recipe is for one big platter of nachos, you could make individual ones to please some consumers.

In other news, next week will be the end of my 6th year of this food blog.  The start of the 7th year follows that week as I continue to do this enjoyable adventure for me.

However, both of these weeks will not have any recipes.  I will be working on some design changes, correction of some errors and get ready to start year seven and beyond.

Thank you for checking in on my little world and I hope that it has been of some small help to you and others you know.  Please continue to help spread the link to this blog and I thank you in advance.

“Happy Cooking” until we return and a “Happy Easter” as well.

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