Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Meatballs with an Apple Twist

If you have been following my food blog for long, you know that I’ve offered many recipes for different types of “Meatballs.”  This week I have a couple more.  The two this week both have an apple element to them.

I happen to like meatballs as much or more than “Chicken Wings” to be truthful.  The more different kinds the better.

The fun thing about meatballs is they can be made from many different meats.  Beef, pork, chicken, turkey and lamb are the most popular, but there are others as well.  There are even vegetarian and vegan meatballs.

So I hope you try these.  Also take a look in the “Recipe Tabs” above for at least a half dozen more meatball recipes I think you’ll like.

You will notice that both of these recipes have us baking the meatballs in muffin tins.  I have gone this direction over the years as I have with bacon.  And for the same reason.

Cooking meatballs or bacon on top of the stove is messy, period.  So going to the oven just makes sense.  Muffin tins?  Because I usually don’t make more than 24 meatballs at a time.  If I need to make a large batch, I’ll go to sheet pans.

I use regular size muffin pans for average sized meatballs.  Mine are about 3 oz. each.  But if I’m making them as an appetizer, I’ll use a 24 count mini-muffin pan.  Those are around 1 or 1½ oz. meatballs.

So enjoy the meatballs and “Happy Cooking” until next week.  “Thanks” in advance for sharing the link to my food blog with others too.

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