Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Holiday Breakfast Dishes

It's November and the "Holiday Season" is starting for everyone.  This means all sorts of things to different people.  For one, it can depend on where you live or your religious affiliation.  But I believe most people have some type of holiday to celebrate in the months of November and December (including New Year's Day in January).  If not, these recipes will still work for other occasions with family and/or friends.

I've talked in previous blog posts about dishes for a special breakfast or brunch meal.  Well, this week I have two more recipes that I think you might want to cook.  I know you'd want to eat them as they are both quite tasty.  Not to mention easy to throw together too.

The "Farmer's Casserole" is a dish recommended to me by my good friend, Amy N. in Missouri.  It uses shredded hash browns instead of the usual bread cubes for a breakfast casserole.  In under an hour and a half, you can go from grabbing the first ingredient to be eating this dish.  Most of that time is the cooking and resting of the recipe.  It tastes great just as the recipe reads but you can always play around with the ingredients too.  I love bacon and even though it might take a little longer to be ready, it's well worth it to me.  Just cook up a pound of your favorite bacon and then chop it up. Use the bacon then just as the recipe calls for the ham.  Let me know if you try something different and how it turns out.

On Thursday, the recipe for "BCT Breakfast Bake with Eggs" is probably a little different for many of you.  But it looks impressive and tastes better than it looks.  This one is for those of you that like individual eggs with your breakfast/brunch meal.  There are common and not so common ingredients in this recipe for a breakfast casserole.  The tomatoes and chicken broth may not sound like items for your breakfast eats but they add to this dish nicely.  The biggest argument you'll have with this recipe is how done you want your eggs.  Because they will all be coming out the same way as you bake them on top of the casserole.  It is a dish that pleases so be sure to try it.

As a reminder, there are plenty of other recipes in the links above or in my cookbook, "MORE THAN YOUR FIRST COOKBOOK" for both a breakfast casserole or other accompanying dishes for a great holiday breakfast or brunch.

Since I've mentioned the holiday season coming, I'll give a little plug for my cookbook.  It makes a great gift for someone who likes to cook.  But an even better one for a person wanting to learn to cook.  The cookbook is available in both print and e-book formats.  Just click the link to my website and order.  If you are near any of the locations that carry my cookbook, check with them.  They are in Maryville and St. Joseph Missouri as well as Sioux City, Iowa.  Many of those are signed copies.  Of course if you're in Rochester, MN they are available directly from me and all of them are signed to whomever you wish them to be.

Thank you for reading my food blog and please do pass it on to others.  Until next week, "Happy Cooking" and get ready for those holidays.  I'll be doing more regarding them in the weeks ahead.

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