Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Part 9 Mexican (Soups) Cuisine

One usually doesn't think of "Soups" when they think of Mexican Cuisine.  But they are very popular throughout the country.

People do think of "Chili" or "Chili con Carne" when thoughts go to Mexico.  But in truth, they didn't create them.  These dishes were actually part of the Tex/Mex food experience.  This started out because there was so much beef in Texas and the Southwest.  The original "Chili" was just cooked beef seasoned with chili powder.  It developed into what we have today throughout the USA  and Mexico.  Other counties also have their form of chili too.

But we're talking soups today and chili will be covered at another time in my blog.

Most people when they think of Mexican food, think spicy.  But, in fact, many of the dishes of Mexico are not spicy.  This is very true when it comes to soups.

The different influences on Mexican food all took what was handy for food product and made the best of it in their dishes.  This week my recipes for soup are made using two major items, corn and tortillas.  Neither of the recipes are spicy but do taste delicious.  Wednesday's recipe is for a simple "Corn Soup" and can be made year round using fresh or frozen corn.  On Thursday, the recipe is for a "Tortilla Soup" that has a thinner broth.

I'm not going into a lot on Mexican soups because soups are soups.  I've covered soups before and the basics are pretty much the same in any country.  What I wanted to point out is there are many good soups to try with Mexican origins.

So give them a try.  Make adjustments to your flavor profile.  But with fall here and winter coming, you just might want something new to warm you up at a meal.  Soup is a good dish to do it.

Until next week, "Happy Cooking" and please share my food blog with friends and family.

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