Tuesday, October 21, 2014

English (Cornish) Meat Pies (Sandwiches)

I thought since doing a blog on Mexican sandwiches (Tortas) a few weeks back, that maybe I should cover another type of sandwich not from the USA.

Every country seems to have their own style of a sandwich.  The sandwich is popular around the world because it is easy and convenient to eat.  You just pick it up with your hands and eat.  It is very portable and great at sporting events.  The sandwich can be go a bit on the messy side but most sold at sporting events and by street venders tend to stay away from those type of sandwiches.

Sandwiches seem to be unique to countries.  Some may seem to have been even been copied or adjusted by different countries.  The "British Pasty" in England is similar to the Calzone of Italy in looks.  But the dough and fillings are quite different.

In England, the "British Pasty" as it is also known, dates back to the time of Henry III (13th century).  They usually were made with whatever food was available.  In the early days, venison was the meat of choice.  Today, skirt steak is that meat of choice for many in England.  Although the sandwich shops in England make all varieties on this sandwich today.

The "Cornish Patsy" or "Meat Pie" has been protected by the European Commission with a "Protected Geographical Indication" and has to be made in the shape of a "D" and crimped on the side.  Other makers of "Patsy" sandwiches throughout Britain have complained about this as unfair.

I had one of these sandwiches a few years back when in London with some family members.  I thought they were a great sandwich to eat as we walked about sightseeing.  If you have a chance to visit Great Britain someday, I suggest you try one of these classic sandwiches.

This week I'm giving you the recipe "Pastry for a Meat Pie" on Wednesday so you will be able to make your own sandwich from Britain.  On Thursday, the recipe is for a traditional "Cornish Meat Pie" that uses the pastry from Wednesday.  Again, remember that you can always create your own filling for the pie.

Please give it a try and let me know how it turned out for you.  Until next week, "Happy Cooking" and please share my food blog with others.

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