Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hearty Fall to Winter Entrees

We're just over a month into the fall season and "Hearty Comfort Food" is sounding really good.  It's funny how we naturally gravitate to heartier foods as the weather cools.  I don't know for fact, but it seems we act similar to other mammals in the animal kingdom.  Many of them put on weight and hibernate through the winter season.  We don't hibernate but we do seem to put on weight at this time of the year.

It would be my guess that humans in the northern hemisphere put on a higher percentage of weight in October, November and December than any other time of year.  I believe it starts with the cooler weather and then continues through the holiday seasons ending with the calendar year.

I know the cold weather continues in January and February but so does all those "New Year Resolutions" to lose weight.  That helps offset the weight gain of those not dieting.

I'll go back to what "All" my dietitians said when they worked for me in the food business.  It's alright to eat of little of everything but to do it in moderation.  That "Moderation" helps us to enjoy the great hearty comfort foods of the fall and winter but also keeps us from packing on a few more pounds.

Now I'm not trying to scare you.  I want all of you to enjoy the flavorful dishes of the season.  But be sensible about it.  I don't push "Healthy Type Food" because I believe you can enjoy it all within reason.  I feature many healthy recipes on this food blog and in my cookbook.  I don't believe you have to you have to substitute other "so called healthier" ingredients and give up the better flavor of a dish.  You can of course and many do.  But that is a decision you have to make on your own.

Enough pontificating, let's talk hearty fall and winter dishes.  This week I offer two of my favorite.  The Wednesday recipe is for "Chicken & Dumplings" using bone-in breasts or thighs.  You can just use a cut-up whole chicken if desired.  Everyone has a preference for what they like and mine happens to be the white-meat when it comes to chicken (and turkey).  That's why I use bone-in breasts.

Thursday's recipe is for "Hungarian Goulash" which is made with pieces of beef meat and usually served over noodles.  That makes it different from what many of us in the states know as "Goulash" which has ground beef and macaroni as it's main ingredients.

I believe you will enjoy both of these dishes.  There are many more hearty fall/winter dishes.  Please check the recipe tabs above to find other recipes to try this year.  My cookbook, "More Than Your First Cookbook" has a dozen or more as well.  One of my favorites from the cookbook is "Spanish Rice (My Way)" which uses ground beef and bacon for a unique flavor.

Enjoy this week's recipes or one of the others and "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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