Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Pasta Salads

Taking a Dip!
As you can see here, my assistant is taking a little break from our work on this week's blog.  It amazes me how she can always get me to give in to a break on a busy day like this with topics and recipes to finish up.  But she does.  I must be getting soft in my old age.  Well it's alright as long as she knows who the boss is around here.  Better get back to this week's blog topic.

We're into summer and in fact it's over the halfway mark too.  Where does the time go?  Well the warmest part of the summer is yet to come (good for some and not so good for others).  We're still doing outside meals but may be getting a little bored with some of our food choices.

Shake up your menu and try a few new recipes.  Even get out of your comfort zone.  There are plenty of places to find and try some new recipes to you.  I have over 300 recipes on this food blog and I'm fairly certain none of you have tried them all.  So check them over and see what might appeal to you and your follow eaters.

But there are many other areas to look to.  Check out the cookbooks in your home.  I really don't know  anyone that has ever tried all the recipes in a cookbook of 50 of more recipes that's tried them all.  Ask family and/or friends for some recipes that they make that you have never eaten.  In this day and age, you might try the internet.  There are a few recipes out there.

This week I'm looking at pasta salads.  When someone mentions a pasta salad, most people probably think of something with "Rotini" in it.  Or maybe "Macaroni."  The nice things is just about any pasta can work in a salad.

I've got 2 recipes this week that use a pasta that most of you would never think to use.  The first one which is for Wednesday is "Israeli Couscous & Tomato Salad."  But couscous is so tiny?  Not Israeli Couscous.  It's much larger than regular couscous.  It's about the size of a small pea and works well in this dish.

Thursday's recipe is for "Orzo Salad (Nicoise Style)" and again is not the norm for a pasta salad.  Nicoise style just means in the style of Nice, France.  It usually involves olives, tomatoes and a vinaigrette in a salad.

"Happy Cooking" until next week when I'll talk "Tacos" to you in "Part 6 of Mexican Cuisine".

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