Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easy to Make Sweets

I think everyone has a "Sweet Tooth" to some degree.  Some more than others, my wife and I are a good example.  I like desserts, cookies, candy and other types of sweet foods but I'd really prefer another piece of good bread over them.  That's because my mother baked fresh bread twice a week as I grew up.  My wife on the other hand believes a meal can't end without a dessert (of some kind) or some ice cream.  That was how her family did things.

Like I said, everyone likes sweets to some point.  That is not the problem.  Liking something is far different from making it.  There's the problem, most of us don't know how to make it or don't like to make it.

Some of that comes from the fear of failure and also from the lack of knowledge.  As far as the fear of failure goes, it's just something you have to get over.  I believe it is a lot worse to never try for fear of failure than to fail on something you were willing to try.  That goes for everything in your life, not just what happens in a kitchen.  So get out there try things.  Who knows, you may succeed or at least learn from it.  And the learning will help you the next time.

The lack of knowledge really involves more than just knowing how to do something.  Many times it's because we don't have the right equipment for the task.

Take the making of different kinds of sweets.  Some require a double-boiler or maybe a candy thermometer. If you don't have one, what kind you do?  It doesn't make sense to buy them unless you plan to use them enough to make it worthwhile.  So what can you do?

Well one thing you could do is look for recipes that don't require the special equipment.  Those simpler recipes are out there.

This week's two recipes try to do that.  The first one is "Quick Apple Dumplings" and it comes from my Aunt Gabe who is 103 years old.  She really isn't my aunt but we've called her that all my life.  She's my first cousin's aunt but she is still family to us.  Anyway at that age, especially still living on your own, you want to make processes easier.

The second recipe "Peanut Brittle (in Microwave)" comes from a good friend, Mary.  She makes the best peanut brittle without the candy thermometer.  It only takes a few minutes to do in the microwave so it's faster too.

I also want to mention that there is nothing wrong with using box mixes too.  A sweet is a sweet and it's the eating that is important not the making.  It just matters if it is good tasting and satisfies you.  You could also have fun with the box mixes and do some deviating to make your own special treat.

So enjoy this week's recipes and, of course, "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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