Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Drink Ideas

Fright night is coming and this year we're talking beverages for the big kids (adults).  I know that Halloween is a special night for children allover the USA.  They get dressed in an unbelievable variety of costumes and go out "Trick or Treating" throughout the neighborhoods.  They collect bags full of candy and other goodies.  Little ones are escorted by parents or older siblings and everyone is hoping they have the looking costume of the night.

Going to be a Ladybug this year!
As you can see, my blog assistant is getting into the spirit of Halloween.  I'm not sure if her parents will let her eat all the candy she'll collect in this outfit.  So maybe I can teach how it's nice to share with others (me).  I can also see her on a real "sugar high" the night of Halloween.  Sure hope her mom and dad are ready for a late night of play when she gets home.  That's a good night for me to go to bed early, I think.  Alright, back to adult beverages and Halloween parties.

Depending on what night Halloween falls, there maybe be parties at some homes too.  But this week we're not talking about parties for children.  Unless you're talking about those that still have the child in them even though they're adults.  Many of these big kids have "Halloween Parties" and they may happen the weekend before or after this last day of October.

I think many of these people started having these parties in their college days.  They just never grow out of it as they aged.  In the college days most were concerned with their outfit for the night and what they would be drinking.  As they got older, the decoration of the house and food to snack on through the evening became more important.

There are quite a few recipes on this blog to get your party going.  Some you might want to think about include: Guacamole (Villa del Arco) (V), Mango Salsa (V), Matt's Hot Artichoke Dip (V), Gouda Cheese Logs (V) and Olive Crostini (V).

Some sweet items to try include: Caramel Pecan Dream Bars (V), Fran’s Bars (V) and Caramel Nibbles (V).  These are great finger foods for a party.

I do have some drink recipe that would be good too.  But this week I'm adding 2 more to the blog.  "Hot Spiced Cider" is on Thursday's blog.  Tomorrow I start with  a drink called "Dark & Stormy" using a little rum.  That cider one is good all winter too.  Helps keep you nice and warm.  So "Happy Cooking" and remember to drink in moderation.  Designated drivers too.

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