Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Basic Polenta

Basic Polenta
(4-6 servings)


6 ¼ cups Water
1 tbsp. Salt
2 ½ cups Polenta


Bring the water to a boil in a large heavy sauce pan. Add the salt and reduce heat to a simmer. Begin adding the polenta as a fine rain into the pan whisking constantly until fully incorporated. Now switch to a long wooden spoon and continue stirring over medium-low heat. The polenta should become a thick mass and pull away from the side of pan. This could take up to 20-25 minutes. Do not stop stirring until polenta is off the heat. When done, pour into a large slightly wet bowl and wait 5 minutes. Now turn it out onto a serving platter with a meat, mushroom or tomato sauce.

Note: This basic polenta can be fried, broiled or baked to give you a different taste, texture and use. It is best to use cold leftover polenta for frying. Just spread it out on a cutting board and cut into wedges. Dredge in flour before placing in the hot oil to fry. The polenta should be about ½ thick. Do the same to broil but omit the flour and broil on both sides until speckled with brown spots. Top with grated or spreadable cheese if you prefer.

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