Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring is Coming so How About Salad?

Snow Carving (notice people in photo)
I've shown a few "Ice Carvings" from an event in Rochester, Minnesota.  Someone was nice enough to send me this photo of a "Snow Carving" that is rather large.  Please note the people in the photo to get an idea of the size of this snow carving.  Also think of the time or work put in on this piece and the detail too.  As beautiful as it is, I'm looking forward to spring.

March is finally here and that means the winter is coming to an end.  In fact, "Daylight Savings Time" starts this coming weekend.  So you know spring is coming.

Traditionally with the coming of spring we change our eating habits.  All winter we tend to eat heavier comfort foods and with that put on a little extra weight.  As we go into spring most people start eating lighter fare.

One of the food areas we seem to hit hard is all types of salads.  Salads seem to have a universal tag as diet type food and being healthy.  That can be true but they can also be bad for you.  Salad bars for example offer many healthy options but they also have many high calorie high fat items too.  The salad dressing offered are maybe the worst.  People usually put too much on their salads.  This is an area that you need to watch.

Salads make great sides to accompany meals but make great full meals too.  When having a salad or using a salad bar, one has to be a little diligent to make wise and healthy choices.  Maybe get your dressing on the side when eating at a restaurant.  Try taking smaller portions of those salad bar items that are not the best choices for your health.

One of the great things about salads is that they are usually very refreshing.  Especially in the spring and summer with all the fresh produce available from stores, farmer's markets and even your own gardens.  It may not be a bad idea to have a light salad for one of your meals each day if you're trying to lose a little of those winter pounds you added.

There is an endless variety of salads you can make for yourself and family.  Have fun and try some that you  have never tried before.  You just might surprise yourself and your taste-buds.

This week I have two salads for you to try.  The first is "Spinach with Apple & Red Onion" and it works year-round.  The second one is "Bulgur, Mint & Parsley Salad" and makes a great side dish.  You could add a little diced chicken to it for an entree salad for dinner.

Be sure to try these and other salad recipes this spring and "Happy Cooking."

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