Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some Irish Foods For St. Patrick's Day

"St. Patrick's Day" is this coming Sunday.  It's the day that everyone in the USA thinks (or wishes) they're IRISH.  The rest of the world too, I'm sure.  Well I am half Irish and it's always been a big day for me.  I missed being born on the day by 5 minutes.  My German mother was naming me after her Irish-in-laws and I was too stubborn (Irish-German is not a good combination for that) to come out on their holiday.  She had even worked for the doctor who delivered me.  But she couldn't talk him into moving the clocks back those 5 minutes.  I've always looked at it as a TWO day holiday for me.  Although there are a couple back in my college days I don't remember.

Well anyway, to do it right one needs a little Irish food for this wonderful day.  It's probably the biggest day of the year for "Corned Beef & Cabbage" dinners.  I'm sure that "Reuben Sandwiches" are quite popular this day too.

The two recipes this week from the blog are "Irish Stew" and "Irish Chicken & Dumplings."  The "Irish Stew" recipe uses beef (chuck) instead of the traditional lamb.  I do mention in the recipe notes that if you can find and do like lamb, to use it.  Most people don't think of chicken dishes as Irish but this one comes from a lady in Ireland so it's "Irish Chicken & Dumplings" for you.

If anyone has some authentic Irish recipes they would like to share, just let me know.  I'll put out on this blog.  I'd love some Irish soup recipes.

Celebrating for "St. Patrick's Day" will be not the norm this year.  Because it falls on a Sunday, many establishments that traditionally have parties will not be open.  So much of the celebrating will most likely take place on Saturday night.

I don't know for sure but my former town of Maryville, Missouri will probably have "The World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade" on Saturday.  It's been going on for around 25 years or more.  It is a big event in this town and many a people have a really good time.  It starts with an official flag detail and ends with a cement truck dumping "Green" water down the short parade route.  Those along the route have to watch out for the water because it goes above the curbs as it runs down the street.  If you have never attended this parade, you need to put it on your "Bucket List" of things to do in your life.  It's sponsored by the "Palm's Bar & Grill."

So have a great week and hoist a "Green" one for me this weekend and "Happy Cooking!"

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