Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More of the Special Holiday Dinner

Last week I started talking about a "Special Holiday Dinner" for this year.  I gave you two different recipes for some good beef dishes.  This week I will continue a menu that will give you some choices to go with either of those beef dishes.

In fact, this week I will put out 5 recipes for you to consider.  There are two potato dishes.  The first is for a "Leek & Buttermilk Scallop Potatoes"  and it is a little on the healthier side as we got away from using butter and heavy cream.  Some of my dietitians will probably laugh at me for that statement.  I didn't say it was a healthy recipes, just a healthier one than with the butter and cream.

The other potato recipe is for a little different mashed potato.  This recipe is "Gremolada Mashed Potatoes" and it does use butter and heavy cream.  Gremolada is basically just a seasoning mixture.  It combines Italian parsley with lemon zest and garlic to flavor the mashed potatoes.

Both of these recipes will be out on Wednesday but about 12 hours apart.  So be sure to check again later in the day for the mashed potato recipe.

Then on Thursday, Friday and Saturday will come 3 vegetable recipes to try with this meal or some other one.  "Simple Roasted Carrots" is the first one.  It's followed up by a "Corn Pudding" recipe.  Then the last one is for "Specially Roasted Brussels Sprouts" and it may scare some of you.

I'm sure the words "Brussels Sprouts" get quite a few of you.  But they really are a great tasting vegetable if done correctly.  My wife was never a fan of them but she is now coming around.

The real reason the recipe may scare quite a few is it has "Anchovies" in it.  Now I'll bet that most of you have never had anchovies in your life but think "yuck" and would never think of trying them.  In this dish they basically dissolve on you and just add an extra layer of flavor to the sprouts.  You need to stop eating with your ears and eyes and have some adventure in your life.  Please give this recipe a try if not for the holidays, then another time when Brussels sprouts are in season.  The smaller ones are better tasting in my opinion too.

Now some of you may have noticed that 4 out of 5 of these recipes are done in the oven just like the beef recipes of last week.  If you don't have 2 ovens there could be problems because they don't all cook at the same temperature.  I have an oven in my stove and also a counter top toaster/oven.  So I don't have any problem cooking any combination of these recipes.

But as you read the recipes look to the notes.  Several of these recipes can be done earlier and then reheated just before dinner is served.  Remember the beef is going to have to rest before being sliced and this gives you time to reheat an item or two.

I also don't think many of you will try the whole menu.  You have traditional dishes you always serve at these holiday meals.  But maybe you want to try one or more to add some new spice to your event.  That's why I gave you so many choices.  So try one or even all and enjoy.

"Happy Holidays" to everyone!

Next week I'll see what help I can give you for "New Year's Parties" that are just down the road.

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