Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The First Year of Blog Ends This Week

This is the 52nd week I've been doing my food blog.  I can't believe it has been a whole year and I'm still having fun.  THANK YOU to everyone that has been following the blog and giving me feedback.  I have to say the best part of doing this food blog is to hear from people that have tried the recipes and found them fun and tasty.

I've had over 6,310 hits on my blog as we start the 52nd week.  There have been people from over 20 different countries checking out the "Cabana Boy Cooks" blog.  Of those, 5 countries average 1 to 5 hits a week.  They are led by Russia and Germany.  The other three counties are Spain, United Kingdom and Canada.  Thank you all for following me on this blog.  I hope the blog has helped all of you in some way.

Please remember to pass the link on to family and friends that you think might enjoy and/or gain from it.

I was on KQ2 yesterday morning and made the "Deviled Eggs" recipe from last Friday's blog.  I deviated from the standard recipe and put a little heat into the eggs for the KQ2 staff.  They loved them and here is the link so you can watch the segment. TV link

This week I'm only writing today for the blog.  I will have a recipe on each of the next 3 days (Wed.-Fri.) and hope you enjoy them.  That should make a total of 80 recipes I've put on the blog this first year.  I know I have my favorites and would love to hear from you as to which ones were your favorites.  So please respond to comments or for those that have my e-mail, send it that way.

The reason for the 3 recipes this week is that I am attempting to re-design the blog.  Hopefully, I'll have it fully  up and running next week.  I'm learning how to put in pages.  My hope is to have one page with all the recipe names.  The plan is to make it so if you click on the recipe name, the recipe will come up.  Under this old format, it takes a little work to bring up some of the older recipes.  Wish me luck because as comfortable as I am cooking - I'm not with the technology of a computer.

Two of the recipes are ones I personally like and want to share.  The first is "Crab Casserole" and it is devine.  The other is a side dish for carrots.  I love carrots anyway they are done.  But "Glazed Carrots" have that little sweetness to them that puts it over the top.  They come from the Mitford book series.  In fact, there was so much food in the books they made a cookbook for the series.  They happen to be great recipes for the Easter weekend too.

The 3rd recipe is another chicken dish.  It really is nice to be able to do so many different dishes with chicken.

Again, THANK YOU for a successful first year of "Cabana Boy Cooks" and to an even better 2nd year.

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