Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Added "My Favorite Links" page to the blog.

Yesterday I added another page to the blog.  That page is for "My Favorite Links" and they are ones I use often.  I have started with just 6 links but will continue add some more over time.  They are fun and interesting sites where you can buy items, get more recipes or just see what's out there on the net.  I hope they are useful to you.  Also, I'm always looking for new and exciting food sites.  So if you have a site that you think I would be interested in, please let me know.

On the new page, there is a brief description of the link just below it.  Enjoy them and let me know if you are using the sites.  Thanks.

On tomorrow's blog, I am going to talk about stuffing cutlets.  There are a lot of recipes out there doing this and they're not that hard to make.  I will have 2 recipes on next week's blog stuffing and/or rolling cutlets.  I'll be doing one with chicken and the other using beef.

I would normally put the recipes in the same week.  However, this week I have one more cutlet recipe for "Chicken Marsala" to go with our blogs and recipes from last week.

There is also a recipe for "Rhubarb Crunch" because it is that time of the year.  Rhubarb patches are coming in strong and early.  You always want to take advantage of crops when they are in season.  You can buy Rhubarb year round in a grocery store but it is just not the same as eating it fresh out of your garden or someone else's garden.  Just be sure to ask permission to pick the rhubarb before jumping into someone else's patch.

If you haven't pulled Rhubarb before, here are some tips.  Get your hand close to the bottom of a stalk before pulling.  Always start at the outside of a clump and just pull the bigger ones.  Once you have pulled enough, get a paring knife and a garbage can.  You want to cut off the big green leaf first and put it in the trash.  The leaves are poisonous to animals.  Next cut the other end off just above where the stalk was attached to the plant.  Rinse the stalks and slice into half inch pieces.  If you are not going to need them within a day or two, they do freeze well.  Put them in a zip-locked freezer bag in 4 cup measures.  Most Rhubarb recipes seem to ask for 4 cups.  My cookbook has a couple of other great Rhubarb recipes you might want to try.

If you haven't ever tried Rhubarb before, it is worth the try.  Besides making great desserts, Rhubarb makes great jelly and sauce.  I hope you will push your limits and give Rhubarb a try.

Have a great week.

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