Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Salsas

This week we offer three “Salsa” recipes for your summer enjoyment.  All three are actually “Fruit Salsa” with a little kick.

They are all easy to make and can be cut in half or doubled depending on the size of your crowd.

The three recipes will run Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.  We have “Sweet Cherry Salsa” to start you off.  That is followed by “Strawberry Salsa” and finishes up with a “Pineapple Salsa.”

Trying to get these recipes to you so you can take advantage of these fresh fruits while they are in season.  Late this summer, I’ll try to have some tomato and corn salsas for you to try.  But that will be closer to when they are in season.  Probably in August sometime.

Each recipe uses a jalapeno pepper in them.  I say to seed the pepper before dicing so you have less heat.  If you like the heat, then either leave the seeds in or go to a Serrano pepper to kick it up a bit.

Another option for you with these salsas, is change up your chips a bit.  Try coating the tortilla chips with a little cinnamon sugar to sweeten the taste.  Warm up the chips and then toss them in the cinnamon sugar using a paper bag.  Toss gently.

Please share this link with others and don’t forget to check out the over 650 recipes in the tabs above.  “Happy Cooking” until next week and enjoy the salsas.

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