Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Brunch Recipes for the Holidays

December has many different holidays that are celebrated.  Usually that means company is visiting.  It could be family or friends.  But they will probably need more than just the holiday meal.

This week I have a couple of recipes that work well for a nice brunch or even just breakfast.  Since it’s the holiday season, they are a little fancier then the typical brunch/breakfast item.

Because it’s a busy season for everyone (including me), I’m limiting my Tuesday posts to what recipe ideas I have for you each week.  I’ll offer more advice after the first of the year.

So Wednesday’s recipe is “Frittata with Brussels Sprouts, Bacon and Gruyere Cheese” and it’s not that difficult to make.  So give it a try.

Then I have “Spinach and Feta Sweet Potato Quiche” for you on Thursday.  This recipe just happens to be “Gluten-Free” and “Vegetarian” for those that need to know.

Hope these give you some ideas for entertaining over the holidays.  I hope you get everything done that is needed for you to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

“Happy Cooking” until next week and remember my “Cookbook” makes a great gift for someone needing help in the kitchen.  It’s available at the link above or several other outlets both online and in some store locations.  If you can contact me, I’ll be happy to sign the cookbooks too.  It’s also available in digital format for many of your devices.

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