Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Part 13 Mexican (Ceviche) Cuisine

I'm sure many people say "No Way" would I eat raw fish or seafood.  But that seems to have been changing over the last 10 years or so.  "Sushi" is quite popular these days.  Along the coasts of Mexico, the popular dish using raw fish or seafood is "Ceviche."  Probably more so on the west coast.  But it is because of the availability of "Fresh" product.

Actually the "Raw" fish or seafood is "Cured" using citrus juices.  The two most used citrus are limes and lemons.  Limes are the more preferred citrus in Mexican cooking.  The fish or seafood is marinated in the citrus juice from a few hours to overnight.

You can use many different fish or seafood for this dish.  Some of the most common fish used include; tuna, bass, swordfish and mackerel.  For seafood, it is shrimp, scallops, squid and octopus.  You can also use a combination of fish and seafood when making ceviche.

Recipes for ceviche involve other ingredients too.  Chili peppers are used to give a little heat.  Onions and salt are usually in the recipes too.  Other ingredients you'll find include avocado, corn, tomato and even olives.  Of course, a Mexican recipe has to have cilantro as well.

Ceviche is served in stemmed glassware like you may see shrimp cocktail.  It is also served with tortillas or crusty bread.

If you have never tried it, you should.  In making ceviche, be sure to only use the freshest fish and seafood available.  This week I give you a "Shrimp Ceviche" in tomorrow's post.  Then on Thursday, it is a "Scallop Ceviche" for you to try.  Remember that you can interchange or combine several types of fish and seafood for these or other recipes.

"Happy Cooking" until next week.  Please share my food blog with other family and friends on your Facebook page too.  I will have a couple of recipes for the upcoming Easter weekend next time on my blog.

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