Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter & Passover Season

The 1st weekend in April this year is Easter and Passover.  These are two of the most important celebrations in the Christian and Hebrew faiths.  Each have their own traditions and ceremonies.  They are definitely different from one another too.

However, both have things in common and one of them is "Food."  Family meals have great meaning and history on this weekend.  Every family has their own special foods that must be served sometime during the weekend.

But, there is always room to try something new as well.  It's nice to have a core menu of items that one looks forward to each year.  Equally, it is enlightening and adds to the celebrations to try new dishes.

In the "Recipe Tabs" of this food blog are many items to review that would be wonderful additions to those tried and true special foods.  Be sure to check them out for ideas.

This week I offer a couple of other recipes for consideration too.  Tomorrow "Dijon Rack of Lamb"  is the recipe.  It is really an easy dish to make for a fancy dinner.  Thursday offers "Hot Cross Buns" that will compliment a brunch or breakfast feast.

This is the last blog of my 4th year of doing "Cabana Boy Cooks" and I hope you have enjoyed it half as much as myself.  Next week will start my 5th year.  I will be working all next week on a facelift of my site as I have done at the start of each new year.

If you have suggestions for any changes, please let me know.  Also, if the changes I make don't seem to be user friendly let me know that too.  I'm here to try and help you in your cooking endeavors.  To that end I need feedback form you my audience.

Thank you for following my food blog and sharing it with family and friends.  Please continue to do so.  "Happy Cooking" until next week and  a "Happy Easter and Passover" to you as well.

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