Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What to do with all those Fresh Tomatoes?

When tomatoes come they usually come fast.  Their season is upon us so take advantage of their taste and flavor.  You can't get this great flavor during other times of the year.  The commercially grown tomatoes just lack that flavor you get from ripe tomatoes fresh off the vine.  So if you don't have your own or a friend with extra, get to the farmer's market or your local farm truck on a street corner and buy some.

I've talked about it last summer when we moved to Minnesota from Missouri.  I miss the fun my old "Salsa" partner (Howard) and I had making gallons each year of "The Best Tasting Salsa Around" and recipe is in my cookbook.  It's a sweet salsa with the heat you want to give it.  The heat part is adjustable to meet your palate.  The cookbook is worth the price just for that recipe.
My blog assistant waiting for me take a seat to discuss our upcoming salsa making.

Now many of you are not into canning food and that is what we did with the salsa.  But smaller batches will keep in your refrigerator for weeks without canning.  However, I don't know of any batches that lasted that long.  Someone always devoured it long before age could set-in.

I'm now have fun making it with my son-in-law (Matt) and we've taken the heat level up a few notches for our personal inventory.  I think it's the "Sweet Heat" that keeps you wanting more of the salsa.

Enough about salsa.  Fresh tomatoes are so versatile that where do I start.  Here are a few of the recipes that I have put on the blog using fresh tomatoes just to make it easier for you have some options:
Bruschetta with Tomato & Basil (V), PA AMB TOMAQUET (bread with tomato) (V), Tomato Corn Salsa (V) and Caprese Salad (Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil) (V).

This week I'm adding both a salad and soup recipe for fresh tomatoes.  The salad is called "Summer Tomato & Cucumber Salad" and is easy to throw together for a meal.  The soup is a main stay for soup lovers.  It is "Tomato Basil Soup" and is best with fresh tomatoes but can be made year-round with the use of canned tomatoes from the store.  If you use canned ones, please use the best you can find.

Don't forget this is also the time to have one of the best summer meals possible.  That is a traditional BLT sandwich and fresh corn on the cob.  Get your favorite bread and toast it.  Lather on the mayo on both slices.  Place lettuce down on one slice and top it with the fresh sliced tomatoes.  Pile on several slices of good cooked bacon and top with the second slice of bread and mayo.  A little watermelon for dessert and you have a summer feast.  I can't wait myself and I hope you will enjoy trying this meal.  "Happy cooking" until next time.

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