Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Breakfast (Some Heavier Foods)

I had a first for my food blog over the new year.  For a few days just before and after New Year's Eve day, I had more hits on the blog from a country other than the USA.  My following in "Russia" must have been looking for something to do while we went from 2012 into 2013.  They only beat the USA by ONE hit over those few days but that was enough to give us are that first for the blog.  Thank you my "Russian" blog followers for your support.  USA follows, you need to help spread the word about my blog even more now.

It's winter in the northern hemisphere now and people eat differently then they do at other times of the year.  People seem to be more into "comfort foods" during this time.  Content that they are filling and feel good foods.  There is something about these foods that make us feel warmer as we embrace the cold weather.

It is probably because of this that people, as a general rule, seem to put on weight in the winter.  I'm sure it is also due to less activity but mostly because of the weather.  People just get outside less because it's cold.  Unfortunately, not everyone is into outdoor winter activities.  So we need to look for someway to keep our activity level up and watch our portions when enjoying these comfort foods.  My favorite dietitians always reminded me that "you can enjoy all foods just do it in moderation."  I know it is easier said than done.  But remember to try.

One of my favorite comfort foods are "breakfast casseroles" and I'll eat them at any meal time.  I usually will leave them for weekends or dinners because they take some time in the oven.  I know I've mentioned this before in both my cookbook and this blog, but breakfast isn't just for that first meal of the day.  It can be eaten at anytime during a day.  Everyone likes breakfast foods but usually don't have time to make them as they get up and head out the door for work or school.  I've also mentioned that having breakfast say at dinner time can also help save on your grocery bill.  Breakfast is usually much less expensive to make than a traditional dinner menu.

With that in mind this week, I've got two breakfast casserole recipes for you.  Tomorrow's recipe is for "Ham & Swiss Breakfast Casserole" and came to me because of my love for a good "Ham & Swiss Sandwich."  It's an easy dish to make too.  The recipe calls for using two different mustard's (your choice of course) but it could be done with just one.

Thursday's recipe has a little spice for those who like it.  "Spicy Strata (Vegetarian)" is another easy recipe.  You can adjust the kick you get with this dish depending on your heat threshold, so enjoy.  I'm sure, if you desire, meat of some kind could be added.  To keep with the spicy element, chorizo sausage (spicy Mexican sausage) cooked and crumbled would be a good fit.  Of course, ham, bacon and breakfast sausage would work too.

Both of these casseroles can be made the night before, at least up to a point.  So the day they are on your menu, there is little work to be done.  Both dishes are great with a little fresh fruit salad to complete the meal.

I hope this week's blogs will be helpful to everyone.  Enjoy and "Happy Cooking."

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