Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Part Five of Italian (Baking Dishes) Cooking

As I continue the topic of "Italian Cooking" for part 5, I realize that we haven't talked about an Italian staple. You can't discuss Italian food without mentioning "Lasagna."

I've never met a person that didn't like (should say LOVE) a basic piece of lasagna.  Everyone has a mother, grandmother or a friend who has a mother or grandmother that makes great lasagna.  And the amazing thing about is they are all different, yet the same when you talk your basic meat lasagna.

Just like everyone else, I have a favorite lasagna recipe.  It's in my cookbook, "More Than Your First Cookbook" which you can buy if you don't have one already.  Just check the left column on the blog.  Mine uses an Italian sausage and ground beef mix.  Try it and let me know what you think.

I know others will use Italian sausage, ground beef, ground veal and even lamb.  Many will use a mixture of these items too.  Many people use ricotta cheese but there are also a lot that will use cottage cheese instead. You can use jar sauce or made from scratch marinara in your lasagna dish.

That's one of the neat things about lasagna.  You can make many different variations and still have a winner.  And I'm just talking your basic red meat lasagna.

Their are so many other variations you can do that hit the spot too.  When I was still at Northwest Missouri State, our most popular lasagna was a white vegetarian lasagna.  It didn't matter if you were vegetarian or not, it was number one with everybody.

If you go to the recipe page of my blog, you will find a rich and tasty White Chicken Lasagna.  It's been a hit every time I've served it to group of hungry people.

This week I'm giving you two recipes for different (form the red meat lasagna) types of lasagna.  The first is for a "Vegetarian Lasagna."  This one uses the red marinara sauce with spinach and broccoli.

The second one on Thursday is for "Lasagna Roll-Ups" and it's a little different.  There are no eggs or parsley in this one.  It does use Italian sausage, ricotta and marinara sauce.

Both are tasty and fun.  They make a nice change of pace lasagna for your crowd.  So give them a try and remember "Happy Cooking."

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