Thursday, January 17, 2013

Juicy Well-Done Burgers

Juicy Well-Done Burgers
(4-6 servings)


1 large slice Quality White Bread
2 tbsp. Milk
¾ tsp. Salt
¾ tsp. Black Pepper
1 medium Fresh Garlic, pressed
2 tbsp. Steak Sauce (like A-1)
1 ½ lb. Ground (Chuck) Beef, either 80/20 or 85/15 meat to fat ratio
4/6 Hamburger Buns (your favorite), toasted
4/6 slices Cheese (your favorite) optional


Take the slice of bread and cut away the crust.  Now chop into ¼ inch pieces (about a half cup) and mix with milk in a large bowl.  Use a fork to mix the bread and milk and then add the salt, pepper, garlic and steak sauce to mixture.  Break up beef over milk mixture and using hands lightly mix together until you have a cohesive mass.  Divide mixture into 4 or 6 portions and gently form patties about ¾ inches thick.  Be sure to press an indentation in the middle of each patty to keep it from balling up on you while cooking.  Now grill patties for about 3 minutes on first side, then flip and continue grilling for 3 to 4 minutes or until patty reaches desired doneness.  Add cheese if using for last 2 minutes or until melted.  Remember to grill buns to desired doneness too.

Note:               For gas grills, be sure to heat on high for 15 minutes with lid down before using a grill brush to clean.  Then use a paper towel with tongs that has been lightly dipped in oil to get the grates ready.  Cook with lid down for burgers and melting cheese.  Have the lid up for grilling the buns to desired doneness.

Note:               For a charcoal grill, get a good hot fire going, spread out coals, add the grilling grate and heat for 5 minutes.  Clean the grate and then oil with paper towel using tongs lightly dip in oil.  Grill over the hot coals with the lid up for burgers.  Cover with the lid after adding the cheese to help it melt.  Again, grill buns with lid up too.

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